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Chengdu Eastern Union High-Tech New Materials Co., Ltd an associated factory,with more than 20% of managements&technical experts abroad and superior European chemical technology,our factory quickly grow up to be the Europe's reliable powder coating supplier. Reaching annual output more than 3000 tons/year, which can make sure customers request could be reached always.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new devision logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our overall brand.
A company-wide consciousness of the footprints we leave behind.
with an associated factory are located in chengdu modern industrial port, Pixian, china. 20% of senior management personnel, technical personnel from abroad, adhering to the European chemical industry advanced ideas, and gradually to Europe's highest industry standards of professional powder coating supplier. Now, our company has four advanced large-scale production lines, two experiment production lines, and our annual production capacity is about 1200 tons of various types of powder coating, s
Our excellence is attained through an unceasing pursuit of perfection in product composition and design.

Latest product

Customized antique copper hammered wrinkle powder coating

Candy Gold Glazed Tone Spray Paint Thermosetting Powder Coating for glass bottle

Anti-corrosion marine spray epoxy paint anti acid zinc rich powder coating

Thermal spray paint wood effect aluminium heat transfer powder coating

Scratch resistant antique finishes bonding metallic golden powder paint powder coating

Chinese Supplier Hsinda Electrostatic Rough Texture Wrinkle Powder Coating

Antique Gold Copper Crackle Powder Coating

Red Copper Hammer Tone Spray Paint Thermosetting Powder Coating

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