Electrostatic epoxy powder coating

  • Electrostatic epoxy powder coating,Polyester-TGIC,Polyester TGIC-free

Electrostatic  epoxy powder coating


Residential – Commercial – Industrial – Architectural – Marine 

Automotive – Motor Cycle Frames – Wheels & Parts

Bicycles Frames & Parts – ATV’s – Airboats

Aluminum Extrusions – Decorative Metal – Trade Show Exhibits

Retail Displays – Fixtures – Sand Blasting etc.

Painting effect & Details

 Electrostatic,epoxy powder coatingElectrostatic,epoxy powder coatingElectrostatic,epoxy powder coatingElectrostatic,epoxy powder coatingElectrostatic,epoxy powder coatingElectrostatic,epoxy powder coating

Brand new electrostatic epoxy powder coating 

We also carry different texrure and color


Texture available:

Metallic(Gold, Silver) effect, chrome (Red,blue,Green,Purple )effect, smooth effect, Art textures ( Smooth, Sandy, Hammer, Wrinkle, Chorm ,Metallic ) effect and so on.

Colors available:

 According to RAL&PANTONE ,we accept customized.

 Variety gloss and color:

 high gloss (Above 85º)

 semi gloss (10~85º)

 no gloss (below 10º) 

 (gloss and color of product is made according to clients requirement)

Other type of powder coating we can supply as follows:

Polyester powder coating , Expoy powder coating , hybrid(epoxy polyester) powder coating Art textured powder coating, Metallic powder coating, Epoxy resin powder coating, Polyurethane series powder coating , Industrial polyester TGIC powder coating building  polyester TGIC powder coating,  Fluorocarbon powder coatings etc.                      

                                   ALL OF OUR POWDERS ARE 100% VIRGIN!                        

Epoxy powder coating

Epoxy-polyester/hybrid powder coating


Polyester TGIC-free

Excellent anti-corrosion

Good chemical resistance

Excellent UV resistance

Excellent chemical resistance

Good mechanical performance

Excellent flexibility

High mechanical performance

Excellent flexibility

Excellent overbake stability

Recommended for interior

Recommended for interior

Recommended for exterior




The above performance index may slightly vary with the variation of the product types and artistic effects.


Hybrid powder coating must be stored in dry room with good ventilation ,with temperature lower than 35°C and should avoid direct sunlight. Prohibit to piling up in the open. Under this condition, the powder can be steadily maintained for one year, expired products still can be used provided testing results meet the utilizations standards.

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