why powder coating makes future

2016/10/10 13:15:54

1, health and environmental protection.

Eliminates the need to reach the performance of coating and various chemical liquid added harmful film, dispersing, wetting, leveling, antiseptic and other additives.

2, convenient transportation and storage

The ordinary paint contains about 20 - 50% of the water or solvent, and the powder coating, no water, no solvent, is completely solid, convenient transportation safety, also water or solvent paint, transport and storage when the temperature is lower than 0 DEG C, often freezing, powder coating, this problem does not exist.

3, do not need preservatives

The traditional liquid paint, both water and food, bacteria, easy to bacterial contamination. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, to add preservatives, and latex powder coating without bacterial contamination problems, without preservatives

4, paint smell

Than the average traditional paint odor residue, the paint will soon be able to disperse, it can be said that the coating that is.

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