use powder coating this way

2016/11/24 14:24:15

Powder coating as a substitute for liquid coating market trends. Powder coating of low VOC content, easy to clear, the paint can be recycled after the use of the construction of the film basically does not produce pinhole, usually easier than the liquid coating construction, the formation of a good film durability. Advantages of environmental protection and technology is the key to substitute the powder coating for liquid coating.

But there are still a lot of attention to the storage and use of powder coating.

1, away from the fire source, to avoid direct sunlight, should be placed in a well ventilated, temperature of 35 degrees Celsius in the following places.

2, to avoid the storage of water, organic solvents, Oils and other materials contaminated sites.

3, after the powder coating do not exposed to the air, should be stamped or turn tightly to prevent debris mixed.

4, to avoid the long-term contact with the skin, the powder attached to the skin of the use of soap and water rinse clean, do not use the solvent.

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