use powder coating like this

2016/11/28 16:52:39

(1) in order to make the characteristics of powder coating can fully exert and prolong the service life of the coating, the surface of the coated material is first strictly carried out before the surface treatment.

(2) when spraying, the coating should be fully grounded, to increase the efficiency of the spraying of powder coating.

(3) to have larger surface defects of the object to be coated, should be scraping conductive putty, to ensure smooth film and smooth feeling

(4) after spraying, the object needs to be heated and solidified, and the curing condition is the technical index of the powder product, but it is necessary to fully guarantee the curing temperature and time.

(5) check immediately after spraying, if found defects should be timely treatment, if after curing defects are found, the only local small range without affecting, the coated surface decoration, can use the same color powder and acetone diluted to repair, if the scope is large and affects the surface quality, use sandpaper after again. Or use the paint remover to remove the coating, re Suo powder.

(6) the recovered powder shall be filtered to remove impurities, and then mixed with the new powder in a certain proportion.

(7) for powder bucket, spraying room and recovery system should avoid different color powder pollution, so every time the color change must be clean and purge.

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