2016/12/2 9:07:15

use epoxy powder coating this way

1 coating method: high voltage electrostatic spraying friction electrostatic spraying

2 film thickness: 60 - 150um (according to the construction requirements of the adjustment)

3 surface treatment:

A. remove the surface of the oil, rust and other loose sediment, water, etc..

B. sand blasting or shot blasting treatment to Sa2.5 level, the anchor line depth of 40 - 100um

C. clean the pipe surface, the surface dust to near white level.

4 preheat, general control in the temperature range of 180220.

5 the powder coating is coated on the pipe surface by electrostatic spraying method, and the thickness is 60 - 150um.

6 will approximate the melting temperatures of hot melt adhesive in the winding construction in epoxy powder coating, the minimum thickness of 200um.

7 in the melting temperature of polyethylene surface (about 240 DEG C) during extrusion, winding in the middle layer construction, and the three layer of roller compaction, to prevent the bubble layer.

8 coating cooling.

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