think this when use powder coating

2016/11/24 14:26:05

When it comes to powder coating, will not have a friend will feel strange?

This is a new type of coating without solvent, and environmental protection and energy saving.

Powder coating is different from the general coating, which is the state of the fine powder. Because of no use of solvent, it is called a powder coating. The main features of the powder coating are: it is harmless, high efficiency, saving resources and environmental protection features.

Powder coating is free of solvents, 100% solid powder coating.

Powder coating in use there are a lot of places to pay attention to.

In order to make the special function of powder coating and extend the service life of the coating film, the surface of the coated material is mainly used to deal with the appearance before the appearance.

Coating, the coating must be completely grounded in order to add powder coating spray power.

The great disadvantage appearance of the object to be coated, should be scraping conductive putty, to ensure the smooth and smooth film.

After spraying, the object needs to be heated and solidified, and the curing condition is the technical index of the powder product, but it is necessary to ensure the curing temperature and time.

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