2016/12/8 9:47:49

thermalsetting powder coating

Thermoplastic powder coating began to appear in 1950, it was dissolved in melt at the temperature of spraying, and solidified into a film at the time of cooling. Because the processing and the spraying method are simple, the powder coating can only be heated and melted, and the flow is smooth, the cooling or the extraction can be solidified into a film, and the complicated solidification device is not needed. Most of the raw materials used are common polymers in the market, most of the conditions can meet the requirements of the use of performance. But there are some disadvantages, such as high melting temperature, low color level, and poor adhesion to metal surface. However, the commonly used thermoplastic powder coating exhibit some unique properties, including polyolefin powder coating has excellent solvent resistance; PVDF coating has outstanding weatherability; polyamide has excellent wear resistance; polyvinyl chloride has better price / performance ratio; thermoplastic polyester powder coating has the appearance of beautiful art, etc.. These characteristics make thermoplastic powder coating in a large proportion of the paint market.

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