some powder coating problem and solution

2016/11/14 9:24:59

In the use of powder coating may sometimes encounter some adverse symptoms, and these symptoms have what? Faced with these symptoms, we have to how to solve it?

Adverse symptoms: powder coating

Reason: 1, powder coating storage stability is not good, or in transport or storage compression;

2, powder coating storage is not good, absorb moisture; ultra fine powder content is too much.

Solution measures:

1, without moisture absorption to crumble, sieving after use. The fundamental problem is to improve the resin glass temperature, or 30 degrees C the following low temperature storage;

2 at low temperature and dry powder, remove moisture, crumble, sieving; powder coating, reduce the content of ultrafine powder.

Symptoms two: orange surface coating

Reasons: 1, spraying coating is uneven; 2, the degree of atomization powder is not good, there are gun powder phenomenon; 3, low curing temperature; 4, powder moisture, powder particles are too thick; 5, the workpiece grounding bad; 6, the baking temperature is too high; 7, the film is too thin.

Solution: 1, the coating film thickness uniformity; 2, adjust the spray gun; 3, a moderate increase in curing temperature; 4, for the use of dry powder; 5, so that the workpiece grounding; 6, a moderate reduction in the baking temperature.

Adverse symptoms three: paint adhesion efficiency

Reasons: 1, the electrostatic generator voltage is too low, charging effect is not good; 2, the friction gun, the friction performance of powder coating is 3, recovery of excessive amount of powder coating, powder coating; air amount of 4 super fine powder content too much or spraying room is too large; 5, powder coating particles too the proportion of coarse or too big.

Solution: 1, 2, to improve the voltage change of corona discharge to charge electrostatic spray gun, or change the powder coating varieties; 3, reduce the recovery amount of powder coating; reduce superfine powder in powder coating, or reduce the amount of ventilation dusting room; 4, adjust the size and density of powder coating by. Four adverse symptoms: powder layer of honeycomb.

Adverse symptoms five: paint color is not positive, yellow

Reason: 1, the heat resistance of powder coating is poor; 2, baking temperature is too high or baking time is too long.

Solution: 1, change the heat resistance of a good powder coating; 2, reduce the baking temperature or shorten the baking time.

Adverse symptoms six: the impact strength of the film

Reason: 1, baking temperature can not reach the process requirements of temperature; 2, baking time is less than the process requirements; 3, powder coating quality is not good, including its quality and storage quality decline.

Solution: 1, check the baking temperature, control to the requirements of the process conditions; 2, to extend the baking time, control to the process requirements of the time; 3, for powder coating or restructuring.

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