radiator powder coating

2016/9/29 9:57:25

Main features of radiator powder coating:

1, excellent leveling, high gloss and high degree 

of saturation

2, plus the adhesion

3, good delay impact performance, coating after a few 

years, still have a very good flexibility

4, can meet the requirements of the molding, 

resistance to repeated bending

5, excellent oil resistant, oil resistant performance, can be 

repeatedly Scrub

Energy saving of radiator powder coating:

1, low temperature curing 

(120C*25min curing), can save 25% of the baking energy to reduce coating cost.

2, high 

powder rate of high spray area, per kilogram of powder spraying area can reach 8-9 square 

meters, saving raw materials 30%.


quality index

test method


Uniform color, 

loose without agglomeration, dry powder 120 - 140mm



According to customer 


Color difference meter, visual combination


One hundred test (grid 

method) ISO2409, GB/T9286-1998

0 grade, excellent

Impact resistance

Impact tester (drop 

method) ISO6272, GB/T1732-1993

Good performance of 50kg.cm

Flexural properties

Bending tester 

ISO1519, GB/6742-1986

3mm, excellent flexibility

Cupping test

ISO1520, GB/T9753-1993

8mm, pass

surface hardness

Pencil hardness (MITSUBISHI pencil) ASTM/D3363, GB/T6739-1996



spray test

ISO7253, GB/T1771-1991

More than 1000 hours

Application domain:

Heat sink, and other 

metal work pieces with larger heat absorbing capacity.

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