problem powder coating faced with

2016/11/17 8:37:24

Compared to other coating, powder coating of the coating on the requirements of the environment is very low, and we know that the lower the requirements of the construction environment, the more vulnerable to the lower reaches of the customer's welcome. Powder coating is generally coated two times: a bottom of a coating, so that powder coating can be applied to the field of basically no "live", that is to say the other paint "can hardly stand".

On the cost of powder coating. Because it is 100 percent solid content, from a theoretical point of view, the use of powder coating should be the lowest cost. About half of the solvent based paint solvent to evaporate the solvent, no matter how recently the price drop, the vaporized solvent is part of the cost of waterborne coating; and we pay more attention to contain solvent of quite a few, these are to be evaporated.

Of course, in front of the powder coating of a major technical difficulty is the curing temperature, there is yet to be further breakthrough.

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