2016/12/12 8:56:39

powder coating usage

During installation, powder coating should be protected from wear and materials such as building mortar and brick cleaning agents.

Once installed, the initial appearance of the maintenance of the powder coating is a simple matter. This is based on the surface of the dust and dirt from time to time contain moisture and salt, which will affect the powder coating must be removed. Powder coating should be washed regularly (at least once less severe applications and in the marine and industrial environments, more times every 6 months). Coating application of soapy water washed down - use a neutral detergent - and rinse with water.

When powder coating projects are fitted with no damage to the powder coating, and they keep them regularly, they should be relatively fixed. The correct application of the coating, although there is no metal metallurgical bonded will not crack, with the traditional film chip or stripping.

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