powder coating spray 2

2016/10/13 9:44:06

Two, spraying construction process of the main equipment and performance

The electrostatic 

powder coating is a powder coating under the effect of compressed air atomization was fine 

and uniform, uniformly adsorbed on the metal surface of the workpiece with high voltage 

electric field, a kind of advanced coating technology for high temperature curing film. By 

the French Sames company in 1962 the first successful development, in 1965 with the 

British, France, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have launched a 

complete set of electrostatic powder spraying equipment, in industrial production has 

reached a wide range of applications.

Electrostatic powder spraying coating is a 

postprocessing, must carry out strict pretreatment on the workpiece (degreasing, rust, 

phosphating) after, no oil, no rust, no surface dust, no dust hanging phenomenon, and 

definitely not a high temperature (180 - 200 c) easy decomposition product in. As far as 

possible the use of sand or zinc phosphating (iron phosphating effect is very poor), are 

not allowed to rust removal, such as nitrite passivation antirust directly namely 

electrostatic powder coating, coating adhesion is not good and easy to cause a large area 

off phenomenon, which in many factories had painful lessons.

The main equipment required for 

electrostatic powder spraying is:

The host (including high pressure generator, spray gun, 

powder supply bucket, a set of control system);

The spray room

The recovery device


transport system (including conveyor chain and truck etc.)

The curing device (with automatic 

temperature control device and ventilation device)

Such as air compressor (including the 

oil-water separation system).

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