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2016/10/13 9:42:59

Powder coating is a new technology and new technology in the field of modern painting, and 

it is also one of the new technologies in our country. It has obvious advantages in the 

field of home appliance and other fields. Powder coating is a high protection, high 

decorative coating method, to be satisfied with the coating effect, it is necessary to 

influence the coating effect factors to control. As the operation of the construction 

personnel of powder coating, if not easy to produce in the process of painting the ills of 

knowledge, will not be able to produce qualified products or a problem arises, do not 


First, the superiority of powder coating

Powder coating is a new type of coating 

material which does not contain liquid solvent and diluent. Because of its high decoration, 

heavy corrosion resistance, powder can be recycled, no organic solvent for environmental 

pollution and other characteristics determine its wide range of application space.


coating construction compared with the traditional paint construction, there are the 

following advantages:

1, powder coating is a solvent-free coating, which determines the do 

not need to put the main film-forming material and auxiliary film-forming material, pigment 

and aggregates are soluble in organic solvents, solves some organic solvent insoluble 

polymer film-forming substance can be used as coating for the problem. But a lot of 

difficult to be dissolved in the solvent of the polymer material is anticorrosive and 

decorative paint will be less of the backbone of the.

2, powder coating because of non 

volatile organic solvents, not easy to burn and explosion, as long as the accumulation of 

dust to prevent excessive can solve the fire and explosion hazards, this paint and other 

flammable solvents can not be overcome.

3, due to the powder coating itself does not contain 

organic solvents, the construction operation and the process of powder without irritating 

odor, not only can prevent the environment pollution and destruction, but also for the 

operator's own physical and mental health.

4. The utilization ratio of paint in the 

construction process of the liquid coating is only 60% - 50%. The powder coating on a 

powder rate of about 70% - 80% (by the shape of the workpiece and other factors), and the 

rest of the powder can be recycled two times, the utilization rate of 98% - 90%.

5, paint 

class liquid coating construction process must be added 50% to 30% of the diluent, and the 

role of these thinner is only to adjust the viscosity, and not to be cured into a film of 

the necessary components, back in the process and volatile off. Not only pollute the 

environment, but also do a lot of work, a waste of raw materials, improve the production 

costs; powder coating construction process, it is not required such a diluent.

6, paint 

liquid coating thickness is 15 - 30 m, and a coating powder coating can reach 60 - 150 m, a 

coating to the required thickness, reduce labor intensity, suitable for automated assembly 

line production operation.

7, powder coating after curing the appearance of fullness, color 

and soft, to paint liquid coating after curing the appearance of dust.

8, powder coating 

because of no solvent, the curing process is not easy to form a pinhole and bubbles, and 

the liquid coating due to the presence of volatile solvents and diluent, the curing process 

is easy to generate pinhole and bubbles.

9, powder coating for ease of transport, will not 

leak and volatile, and the transportation of liquid coating is very convenient, easy 

leakage and volatile, and may even burn the explosion.

10, powder coating, corrosion 

protection is good, the production of low comprehensive cost, paint can not be comparable 

with the liquid paint.

It is precisely because of the advantages of the above many liquid 

coating, powder coating in the past twenty years in the land of China showing a thriving, 

flourishing situation. But from a scientific point of view, everything has its advantages 

and disadvantages. Powder coating in the use of the process is still difficult to change 

the color, the production equipment is complex, must be cured at high temperature and so 

on. This is the vast number of people engaged in the coating industry need to continue to 

overcome the problem.

The application of powder coating in industry and production in China 

is only 20 years of history, the current production process and construction applications 

have become more mature. In the late 80s, in the domestic and foreign set off a "hot", 

especially in China, in recent years, the annual growth rate of powder coating has more 

than 25%, which is rare in the history of the paint. Foreign advanced industrial countries 

due to the early start, the foundation is good, at present, the annual growth rate of 15% - 

10 of the rate of growth. Two phase comparison, I have a broad market demand. On the 

current market products, large refrigerators, washing machines, anti-theft door, small to 

hardware products, and electrostatic powder spraying is not a source of confusion. This is 

enough to indicate the bright prospects of the development of China's powder coating 


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