2016/11/29 11:28:27

powder coating shall be better

Breakthrough progress has been made in technology research and development, production technology, coating equipment and construction application of powder coating. Powder coating are becoming more and more important in the coating industry. At present, not only the production has been greatly increased, and the varieties are not increase, the original only in epoxy resin powder coating single variety, now epoxy polyester powder coating has been in the leading position, TGIG polyester powder coating, polyurethane powder coating has been in China, a large number of inputs in the production of polyurethane powder paint, acrylic figure polyurethane powder coating. Powder coating production equipment also has been greatly improved, the powder coating to the Yantai based manufacturer effort in the introduction of foreign equipment, bold innovation, the current equipment has reached the level of similar foreign products, and the price is low, only 1/20 of the price of similar foreign equipment. In addition, in the powder coating raw materials, the domestic has basically formed a complete set, all kinds of additives, including resins, leveling agent, extinction agent, bright agent, floating agent and other products have reached the level of foreign.

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