powder coating recycle use

2016/10/7 9:25:20

The main recovery methods of powder coating include filter core recovery and large 

whirlwind, small whirlwind combination, etc.. Through the improvement of the recycling 

system, to achieve a more effective and clean coating.

1 checking filter cleaning device 

thepowderrecovery filter when there is no uniform scale should be scrapped, is often the 

filter itself has been damaged cracking before replacement, has blocked the subsequent 

result is powder ultimate filter material - filter or filter box; or see the serious powder 

overflowing reminds me to replace the filter.

Since the filter is on the pore retain powder, 

powder and air separation, the risk will be blocked pores. However, the efficiency of 

recovering the pore blocked drop is observed and judged the naked eye can not. Therefore, 

the design of a device, automatic cleaning filter, and detect the degree of permeability of 

the filter, the provisions of the time to reach a certain degree of blockage (such as 50% 

or high, low) indicates that the recycling capacity is inadequate, the filter will be 

scrapped. If you can automatically detect the flow of each filter core, such as air flow 

rate, the management of the device will rise to the level of digital, the recovery effect 

can be expressed by numbers.

2 variable frequency recovery system for the recovery system, 

to maintain a stable air flow rate means that the stability of the recovery effect. But in 

the same recycling capacity, the different parts of the powder, the adhesion efficiency of 

the powder is different, plus some large workpiece, long workpiece guiding role, also can 

produce powder overflow. The frequency conversion fan can adjust the air volume in a 

certain range, which not only meets the requirement of reducing noise, but also meets the 

requirement of recovery.

Some production line design capacity is limited, but sometimes the 

production task too much, the faster the chain speed can solve the production requirements, 

but if the wind will lead to recovery, powder overflowing serious frequency recovery fan 

can be adapted to increase the production capacity, and ensure the recovery effect. 

Variable frequency recovery system, can increase or reduce the amount of air flow, so that 

the powder coating production has a certain ability to maneuver. A small amount of 

production or the spray volume is small, can reduce the fan flow, it has certain effect of 

saving energy.

3 cleaning powder room technology is the most basic clean powder room should 

be clean without wool, no impurities, can form a good air tight space.

Advanced powder room 

should be no powder accumulation. The powder coating house with the bottom blowing device can be 

used in a timely manner for the powder injection, and the amount of powder to be used is 

very small, and the powder can be used as well. Quality problems arise, resulting in a 

large reduction in the amount of waste powder. A higher level of clean powder room should 

be hard and smooth wall, not too much powder, easy to clean up. Eisenmann company uses 

glass (943, -4.00, -0.42%) spray chamber instead of the traditional metal and plastic 

(10160, -20.00, -0.20%) materials, the room wall suction powder phenomenon greatly reduced. 

Due to the electrical conductivity of the metal powder, the powder will be absorbed to a 

considerable thickness. Plastic powder room due to high surface resistance, the powder is 

not easy to clean up. Glass powder coating room is not conductive, the surface resistance is low, 

the powder will not adsorb too much and easy to be cleaned. The transparency of the glass 

is better characterized by the operator to observe the state of the spray gun. Glass is not 

combustible material, can prevent fire hazards.

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