powder coating makes earth clean

2016/9/26 10:14:41

In the development of powder coating, will inevitably be affected, so as to get the 

development in adversity, like a raging fire to reduce the impact, enterprises should learn 

from the first coating, increasing R & D investment, reduce the difference competition and 

so on; in addition, with the help of the national policy, the development of Internet, 

bring new opportunities and economic development. Therefore, as long as you can play for 

paint brands, and targeted for product development and sales, certainly can reduce the 

resistance to impact strength.

Different types of powder coating, the performance of different, so the use of it is different, with the situation of environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious, our requirements for powder coating are increasingly high, because before the paint only care about its insulating effect and antistatic effect, but never thought it would affect what kind of environment, with environmental problems is gradually put on the agenda, we also have the requirements for the environmental impact of coating, now we produce coating not only in performance and greatly improved, in the green environmental protection also made no small achievement, make a contribution to our environment.

Along with the automobile industry demand for powder coating increased, changed very many kinds of paint, paint production for the automotive industry, a mixed type, epoxy and polyester polyurethane type and other types, in automobile chassis parts, wheel, joystick, mirror, is a very important application of coating rain wiper and other parts of the horn on. And for the current paint, has been put on the agenda of environmental protection, in order to make the environmental protection can be achieved, the powder coating for reform, the destruction of the environment to minimize.

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