powder coating industrial

2016/12/13 16:36:10

The principle of distribution for the powder coating technology is the regulation, the technical description of air pollution (referred to as: the clean air act), in 1974 passed the German federal government and the essence is to limit the use of solvent purposes. Innovation is the addition of powder coating, especially the water based coating, high solid paint (the so-called high solid content of paint) and radiation force. Among them, according to VdLs since 1965, the emerging industrial powder coating, but before that most of the experimental paint manufacturers of products less, and thus a strong growth. In 1966, the first powder coating plant in Germany completed and put into operation. In the first year of production statistics, in 1974, only 3369 tons produced in powder coating. This is later to 10000 tons (1980), 37500 tons (1990) and 70000 tons (2007) increase.

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