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powder coating history

Powder coating composition, which can be produced in the first experiment of melting film has been in 1940s. These are the thermoplastic powders. This is hardly similar to today's powder coating. 1952, fluidized bed is the first time to be able to paint the number of industry. Then and now, the layer thickness is greater than 200 microns, which is 3 to 4 times as usual and produce electrostatic powder coating applied to thick layer.

In contrast to the hitherto used, purely thermoplastic adhesives (polyamide, polyvinyl chloride in the early 60s) is the crosslinked epoxy resin market, which constitutes the foundation for future development. After 1968 with the development of hybrid powder coating (epoxy resin and polyester as binder), further breakthroughs. This is a shorter time to set up and a more stable quality, is to achieve. This is key to the application of large scale systems. In the early 70s is also found in the TGIC polyester system with high weather resistance curing agent. At the same time coming to the first acrylate - and the polyurethane system was able to perform at the beginning of it.

In 1995, with the powder filler powder coating first used as automotive coating. Powder slurry (a suspended powder coating in water since 1996) as the use of transparent coating a.

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