2016/12/2 9:08:40

powder coating film is great

As long as directly sprayed on the powder coating after suitable pretreatment of iron or aluminum, surface coating of excellent performance can be obtained by baking, such as persistence, coating including abrasion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. And powder coating for outdoor use, in addition to the above advantages, including the high weather resistance and pollution resistance. In particular, a thick coating, powder coating can be achieved at a time of 50-300 mu m, and the leveling of the good, not as solvent coating thick coating will have a drop or the accumulation of stagnation and other phenomena occur.

In order to improve the multi function of powder coating, according to customer's preferences to adjust the color, gloss and surface flatness, and even special metal powder coating and some special wrinkle powder coating.

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