powder coating difficulty

2016/11/10 10:45:32

For the development of powder coating, powder coating have been developed for more than 60 years, and the development history of years in China is roughly 30 years. As a result of powder coating compared to solvent based coating are environmentally friendly coating, coupled with its excellent performance, since it has been widely favored. And we are facing a lot of challenges.

Today, we are about the powder coating of environmental protection, other coating, technology, and low price competition to introduce.

First, environmental protection

With the progress of society, people are more and more cherish the earth environment on which the human survival, the restrictions on the chemical substances that affect the health of the environment is more and more strict. Various countries and organizations are constantly enacting new laws and regulations to limit the harmful chemicals that are harmful to the human body. The following is a list of the laws and regulations that are commonly encountered in the field of powder coating.

RoHS (of Hazardous Substances Restriction) instructions: lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), 6 Cr (Cr6+), and (PBB), and two (PBDE).

REACH regulations ("Registration, evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction", is the European Union to enter its market of all chemicals for preventive management regulations). Europe REACH regulations 144 SVHC (high concern of Substances Very High Concern).

Two, other coating

Water based coating: Although the surface treatment of water based coating on iron base material is a difficult problem, the coating process is much longer than the powder coating, generally speaking, the film strength is not as strong as the powder coating. But also the environmental protection coating, and the fullness of the flow is better than the powder coating.

Inorganic nano coating: Although still in the initial stage, has demonstrated in corrosion resistance, super weather resistance and hydrophobic and hydrophobic properties, and has excellent performance.

Inorganic ceramic coating: Although the above 800 degrees Celsius, but high temperature resistance, high hardness.

Three, technology

In addition to the challenge from the liquid paint, the main or from the technical challenges:

Leveling: the leveling of the coating film is an important property of decorative effect. The melt viscosity of powder coating in the curing of the melt flow is much larger than the viscosity of the coating liquid, so far the leveling of powder coating is not up to the liquid coating leveling, so has not been used in automotive topcoat powder coating.

Low temperature curing: low temperature curing is the need of two aspects, one is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions, environmental protection needs of the other is a lot of heat sensitive materials such as MDF, plastic and so on need low temperature curing. At present, the general curing condition is 10min@200. Epoxy system can be cured 10min@130. But the weather level and the low light effect is difficult to do less than 10min@160.

The effect of liquid metal in liquid metal paint: paint metallic pigment can be added to the 30%, but due to differences in powder coating in charged metallic pigment and low powder, metal powder is added to the above 5% pigments such as it is difficult to spray.

Three, price

It is not fully understand the Chinese powder coating manufacturers have more than 3 thousand, mostly small workshop type, a small operating costs, based on the cost of the formula plus 2000 yuan / ton. The price of raw materials is low to earn more, the price of raw materials of high product prices can not stop to do. This approach in large enterprises generally do not do.

The proper price competition is the product of market economy. But in the powder coating industry of China, price competition is a kind of vicious competition. The price is low some filler adds more, the resin is used difference, adopt all sorts of means to reduce cost. This affects the overall reputation of the powder coating.

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