powder coating curing

2016/10/13 9:47:40

Three, powder coating curing temperature and time

The curing process of plastic powder is a 

chemical crosslinking process. The ideal curing conditions of epoxy polyester powder 

coating are: 180 C, 20min (there are other curing conditions, see the specification).


the curing temperature is too high, and the time is too long, there will be the phenomenon 

of coating aging, white coating aging will be yellowing. If the curing furnace design is 

not appropriate, the temperature is too high, will appear in the local yellow phenomenon; 

at this time, should increase the hot air circulation system, and adjust the temperature in 

a suitable range. General coating aging. Some manufacturers heating up time is too long, up 

to 180 degrees from room temperature to degrees Celsius, to 180 degrees after 20 minutes of 

constant temperature, so that it is easy to over curing, should make the oven sealed 

insulation, heating time in 20-40 minutes for easy. And the internal hot air convection, 

the temperature is even.

The far infrared heating tube heats up, should pay attention to the 

same workpiece heating tube distance (not less than 200mm), if the site is too close, white 

coating easy overbake and yellowing, add a piece of iron between the workpiece and the 

heating pipe (thickness 1.5-2mm), steel plate drilling, this can reduce the "roast yellow 


For the coating curing temperature is too low or too short, then crosslinked membrane 

is not complete, poor adhesion of the coating, the sub light, no ray is reflected in the 

gloss is too high, poor adhesion. Such problems, only once again reasonable curing can get 

qualified products.

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