powder coating attention

2016/10/10 13:17:25

1, away from the fire source, to avoid direct sunlight, should be placed in a well 

ventilated, temperature in the following places 35.

2, to avoid the storage of water, organic solvents, Oils and other materials contaminated 


3, after the powder coating do not exposed to the air, should be stamped or turn tightly 

to prevent debris mixed.

4, to avoid the long-term contact with the skin, the powder attached to the skin of the use 

of soap and water rinse clean, do not use the solvent.Safety of painting construction site

5, coating equipment, the use of equipment should be intact to eliminate static 


6, to avoid the phenomenon of coating machine for no reason.

7, spraying chamber, the powder thickness should be controlled in the safe concentration, 

to avoid the risk of dust explosion.

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