2016/11/30 8:47:52

polyester powder coating

The use of powder coating made of resin and polyester resin coating, good gloss, but slower than the TGIC reaction activity, low activity, long curing time and high temperature and long curing easy to yellowing; because the molecules in unsaturated carbonyl groups, may also have certain effects on the weather. As to the molecular structure of carbonyl hydrogenation to hydroxyl group and epoxidation, can not only increase the durability, and central molecular oxygen radical content will greatly increase the mechanical strength of solidified products would be better, it can be used as the ideal outdoor production of epoxy resin powder coating. According to experts, method of preparation of low molecular weight aliphatic glycidyl ether epoxy resin, usually using cycloaliphatic polyol as raw materials, the formation of chlorine ether in acid catalyzed reaction with epichlorohydrin, then dehydrochlorination of chlorohydrin ether in the presence of alkali, the formation of glycidyl ether oil.

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