pay attention whlie use powder coating

2016/9/27 8:44:03

Powder coating is different from the general coating, which is the state of the fine 

powder. Because the solvent is not used, it is called paint. Coating is a new type of solid 

powder coating without solvent, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, 

no pollution, no solvent, recyclable, saving resources and energy, reducing labor intensity 

and mechanical strength of the coating film.

The heating curing powder coating into durable coating, baking temperature and time according to the mark, if the temperature is low will cause the powder can not form a pattern, it is difficult to rely on the principle of electromagnetic field adsorption coating damage to the internal structure, so that the adhesion of coating is very strong. The coating anticorrosion performance is strong, absolutely not skin layer phenomenon, can protect the ship from invading the sea salt, ultraviolet radiation, but also to prevent water penetration into the inside parts.

Requirements for the construction of powder coating, first in order to make the 

performance of coating powder coating can give full play to and prolong the service life, 

so the coated surfaces must be strict surface treatment; when spraying, by spraying must be 

fully grounded, this can increase the efficiency of spraying powder coating on the surface, 

there are large the defects of the object to be coated, should be scraping conductive 

putty, to ensure smooth film and smooth feeling.

What we need to know is that the essence of the powder coating is a kind of paint. It is used on the exterior of a number of ships and pipes, in these areas with a layer of paint, so that it can play a role in anti-corrosion. We know that the ship at sea, for metal hull and water in direct contact, is very prone to corrosion, so at this time you need to be coated with a stable contact water paint, paint and chemical properties is very stable, so the performance is very outstanding.

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