much chance for powder coating

2016/9/28 10:22:34

These developments have created many new market opportunities, and helped to overcome the 

barriers to finishing in the powder coating industry in the early Co. Powder coating, 

liquid coating, compared with significant durability and wear resistance, corrosion, 

scratches, chemicals have been proven. Powder coating to keep the bright little faded, the 

choice of color is almost unlimited high, low gloss, metal, and provide a clear finish. 

Select the range of texture, from the folds of smooth surface or no light, rough texture 

hidden surface defects. Thick coating can be achieved quickly and efficiently. Although the 

final performance of powder coating are often better than liquid coating system, the 

reasons for the rapid growth of this technology is more relevant evidence, powder coating 

maximum productivity, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increasing the maximum factor 

to comply with stringent environmental regulations, all relevant end users of the bottom 


In the past twenty years, the growth of powder coating has been developed for the new 

applications of industrial and consumer markets. Growth can be attributed to the powder 

coating industry to meet the needs of customers.

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