making powder coating better

2016/11/8 8:17:34

We through the scientific formula for coating is more reasonable, more uniform and smooth (special coating raw materials by adding special coating in thin coating way), let the powder film on the workpiece as much as possible to avoid unnecessary waste.

Special functional powder coating to meet the special needs of the powder coating of a strong choice, a number of opportunities for market development, virtually for the customer to bring the product to enhance and value. Let customers have more choices: stronger hardness, better wear resistance, flexibility, better chemical resistance, better covering power, more spraying area, stronger anti UV performance and weatherability, thinner coating etc..

The resin is the main film forming material in the powder coating formulation, and it is combined with other ingredients such as pigment, auxiliary agent and so on to form a coating film. In theory, the larger the resin content, the greater the volume of powder coating, and thus the greater the spray area. If the use of inferior powder coating (resin content of less filler especially), due to a low rate of the powder recovery powder will cause increased, waste more directly at the same time, lead to defective rework probability increased, these are the source of increased costs.

Proper spraying and solidification process is an important value added link in the value chain. The higher the efficiency, the higher the efficiency. One of the important advantages of powder coating lies in recycling recycling, but if the poor quality of the powder itself, then recycling is likely to backfire. Lai Ge can provide high-quality powder coating, can also have the technical consultation, training equipment, spraying and powder coating by rectification and adjustment, provide equipment testing data, complete customer service service system services such as security, improve the use value of your powder coating.

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