know powder coating quality

2016/11/18 8:42:25

There are many aspects of the quality identification of powder coatings.

Appearance recognition method

1, hand handle: induction for silk, Penghu loose, floating. Feel rough, heavy hand, feel heavy, grab a handful of powder in the hands of the powder more smooth Penghu loose, good quality, on the other hand, feel heavy, rough powder of poor quality, easy spraying, two powder, waste.

2, volume: the larger the volume, the less the powder coating, the higher the cost. The powder quality is better, the smaller volume, the filling materials in powder coatings is higher, the lower the cost, the powder quality is poorer, the same carton, see that a large volume of powder, powder is good, the house is small, poor powder. Not easy to spray, two drop powder, waste of large, less spraying area, high cost.

3, storage time: good powder can be stored for a long time, the powder flow level and other effects unchanged. Poor powder can not be stored for a long time, poor powder 3 months after the flow adjustment and other effects of poor. Normal powder at room temperature shelf life of 12 months, the use of low quality raw materials, product quality is not stable, easy to degenerate. The use of poor raw materials to produce powder, spraying the surface in half a year will accelerate the aging. Impact customer reputation. The powder is not easy to store, to the customer by powder waste, not much.

Two, spray area identification method

The resin content of normal powder should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan /KG or so, filling material is about 2 yuan. Some bad powder factory use lower resin content below 45% to increase the shoddy, filling material to reduce cost, reduce the coating area. Comparison method: two same powder at the same product. A powder coating product, a product that spray spray products less, little it is poor, the use of high cost.

Three, spraying personnel work efficiency

The powder is easy to spray, spray gun can be 1-3 substrate covered two recovery powder less, high work efficiency. The powder is not good powder spray gun 3-5 substrate will be covered, two recovered much powder, low working efficiency. Workers by powder spraying ratio. Falling powder much determination. The same time output of the product less, two times more than powder recovery workers, increase the burden, the work efficiency is low.

Four, baking identification method

Good powder without a lot of smoke produced during the baking process. The powder has a lot of smoke produced in the process of baking powder. The raw material is good without a lot of smoke, some manufacturers take good raw materials filling materials in time. The amount of powder will increase, the number of square spray out, increase the use cost powder, output the same number of products.

Five, finished product appearance and gloss identification method

The powder product of good appearance and delicate, full, transparent, strong sense of three-dimensional. The powder product of dim appearance and poor surface dull and foggy, not transparent, three-dimensional sense of the difference. Two surface observation of poor appearance, affecting customer reputation, affect the appearance of the product. Good gloss powder gloss good, can maintain the relative luster long time. Just gloss baking powder has the advantages of good effect, after some months began to rise. The light made gloss appearance detection poor materials powder can't maintain the luster of long-term stability, appearance of vector powder, light, paint etc..

Six, adhesion and aging identification method

The strong powder with good adhesion, toughness, and can keep a few years of powder, powder of aging. The poor adhesion is poor, very crisp, spraying after 3 months to half year began aging, powdering. Contrast test of adhesion and bending, and observed after several months without aging products, powder attached. Focus on products and aging, aging, powder, rust, shorten the service life of the product, customer reputation.

Seven, high temperature identification method

Will the temperature to 220-230 degrees, heat 10-15 minutes, fine powder, high temperature weather is good, after the high temperature baked color small, shiny little change. Poor powder, temperature and weather resistance is poor, after high temperature baking serious discoloration, gloss become dumb, this method is particularly effective in the detection of outdoor light color powder.

Eight, environmental protection identification method

The powder material is a good guarantee. Dachang production, environmental protection, poor materials and recycled powder, there is no way to ensure long-term environmental protection does not exceed the standard, how the quality of SGS environmental testing helps identify environmental powder coating.

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