how to avoid powder coating agglomerate

2016/10/12 9:12:49

Powder coating has a tendency to agglomerate at a certain temperature, which is mainly 

composed of the resin in powder coating and the leveling agent and so on. Our company 

(Linyi City peak plastic powder Co., Ltd.) the production of powder coating are 

thermosetting powder coating, that is, as the main film forming resin is a low molecular 

weight of organic polymer. The resin has a physical properties at low temperature, it is 

hard and brittle glass state, when the temperature rises to a certain extent, began to 

transform into resin has certain elasticity and adhesion, below this temperature, resin and 

return to the non adhesion of glass, glass transition temperature the temperature is called 

resin glass state and viscoelastic resin mutual transformation of the state.

Different resin 

with different glass transition temperature, such as glass transition temperature of epoxy 

resin and polyester resin at about 50 degrees Celsius, brightening agent (701) of the glass 

transition temperature is about more than and 30 degrees Celsius, while the degree of glass 

liquid flow agent is in zero centigrade. The greater the amount of material in the powder 

coating formula, the lower the glass temperature, the lower the glass temperature of the 

system. Determination of glass transition temperature of the need for a large special 

equipment, general powder coating manufacturers do not have the expensive equipment in the 

production process, we can not grasp the glass transition temperature, powder system and in 

the production of the powder system positioning glass temperature of about 40 degrees 

Celsius, it will a temperature to a safe temperature caking powder coating. So in the 

production (as well as the product storage and transportation process) as a standard, close 

to and above the temperature when the relevant personnel to strengthen the product 

sampling. Has entered the summer production phase, the temperature rise will be more easy 

to powder coating product agglomeration problems occur, then how to prevent the work of 

powder coating agglomeration it?

First of all, to establish a concept: powder coating at a 

certain temperature, agglomeration is a natural law. To prevent the agglomeration of powder 

coating must be in the whole process of powder coating production, packaging, storage, 

milling and transportation, powder coating products in the glass transition temperature of 

the following.

According to this view, we take the following solutions to the company's 

technical department:

1) in the production of polyester resin, choose some of the alcohol or 

acid can improve the glass temperature, or reduce the amount of alcohol used to reduce the 

temperature of the resin glass to improve the glass temperature of polyester resin.


reduce the glass transition temperature of the polymers used in powder coating formulation 

design, such as leveling agent and brightener, to ensure that the glass transition 

temperature of powder coating system will not reduce.

3) the production of sheet metal 

strip, broken down should be fully cooled before entering the milling process, milling 

should be appropriate to reduce the inlet velocity, entrained air volume, air conditioning 

installation of inlet air to control the grinding temperature. However, if the flour before 

smashing sheet followed by means of cooling down, will not play a good role, method of 

forced cooling of broken pieces may be considered for low temperature treatment, which is 

more effective than the installation of air conditioning.

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