how powder coating spray gun works

2016/10/11 8:30:39

Powder coating of electrostatic spray machine appeared in the market, quickly in the world 

to popularize and promote, this device is more and more people's favor. However, the high-

pressure airless spraying machine equipment, the quality of the workpiece in the process of 

continuous spraying equipment and powder itself, and the effect of spraying equipment of 

the trip, there will always be a part of the powder is not fully used, this part of powder 

if not timely collect, easy to pollute the environment, when processing waste powder, waste 

too large, for repeated use, which contains many available waste powder will affect the 

quality of coating.

In actual use, because of equipment manufacturing, technology and other 

factors, the recovery device always has this kind of problem. Therefore, people have been 

looking for an ideal powder recovery system, in order to solve the problem of powder 

recycling in the process of spraying equipment. The device can be divided into four parts, 

the suction section, the separation section, the filtration section and the discharge 

section. The suction section is composed of a wind plate which can be freely adjusted, an 

adjusting system and an air inlet. It is from the room will be sucked into the spraying 

equipment floating separation system in the powder dust in the air or unused powder.

The separation section spraying machine by cyclone separator, filter screen and an air inlet 

and an air outlet. It is separated by a cylinder device specific to cyclone, can use the 

powder into the powder box with the original powder, spraying equipment again into the 

cycle, and the other part of the powder particles is small because of the difficulty of 

adsorption to the electronic and electric field in spraying equipment. If these waste 

powder is not timely and continuously added to the original powder separation, will make 

more and less amount of powder can be used raw powder, powder spraying equipment and 

effective unit time is less, resulting in more and more thick film coating equipment for 

thin workpiece.

The powder and gas mixture which is separated from the separated section enters the filter section and the filter section is composed of a filter chamber, a powder chamber and a cleaning gas system. At the same time, the pulse can be adjusted according to the actual situation to adjust the cycle and air flow intensity, in order to achieve the best recovery effect. In this, the filter and pulse gas is more critical. If the filter is not good, it is easy to cause the filter is not clean, so that the discharge of fine particles into the atmosphere, to the surrounding environment caused by the impact, severe local dust concentrations will be too high, causing the explosion.

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