how powder coating film comes

2016/12/8 9:50:00

At a given temperature to powder coating, the most important factor controlling the melting rate is the melting point of the resin, the viscosity of the powder particles and the size of the powder particles. In order to make the flow effect the best, the fused polymer should be completed as soon as possible so that there is a long time to complete the leveling stage. The use of curing agent for flow and shorten the leveling time required, so the film is extremely active powder formation are often orange peel.

The key factors that affect the film flow and flow are the melt viscosity of the resin, the surface tension and the thickness of the film. In turn, the melt viscosity, in particular, depends on the curing temperature, the cure rate, and the heating rate.

All kinds of factors mentioned above, together with the size distribution and the thickness of the film, are usually determined by the properties of the coating, the coating object and the powder construction conditions.

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