how deal with powder coating agglomerate

2016/11/17 8:44:10

Powder coating is a kind of coating. However, it has its own characteristics.

Different from the traditional solvent based paint, dry powder, once more the old method is by flame spraying and coating preheating, now basically using electrostatic spray, the powder is sprayed on the coating surface, and then through the oven 200 degrees around the baking temperature leveling and curing. Powder coating in the traditional paint, the advantages of no poison, no pollution, no waste, and water-based paint, known as the environmental protection paint. The disadvantage is that: some of the high requirements of coating such as the car, the surface gloss and leveling are still not up to the requirements, impact resistance and other mechanical properties have yet to be improved.

Then how can we prevent it from agglomeration when we use a powder coating?

Powder coating has a tendency to agglomerate at a certain temperature, which is mainly composed of the resin in powder coating and the leveling agent and so on.

To prevent the agglomeration of powder coating must be in the whole process of powder coating production, packaging, storage, milling and transportation, powder coating products in the glass transition temperature of the following.

According to this we have the following several solutions.

1, in the production of polyester resin, choose some of the alcohol or acid can improve the glass temperature, or reduce the use of alcohol to reduce the temperature of the resin glass to improve the glass temperature of polyester resin.

Reduce the glass transition temperature of the polymers used in the formula 2, powder coating design, such as leveling agent and brightener, to ensure that the glass transition temperature of powder coating system will not reduce.

3, the production of sheet metal strip, broken down should be fully cooled before entering the milling process, milling should be appropriate to reduce the inlet velocity, entrained air volume, air conditioning installation of inlet air to control the grinding temperature. However, if the flour before smashing sheet followed by means of cooling down, will not play a good role, method of forced cooling of broken pieces may be considered for low temperature treatment, which is more effective than the installation of air conditioning.

Besides that, adding anti caking agents, such as nano silica (VK-SP15) nano three or two aluminum oxide (VK-L20M) powder to prevent powder particle adhesion, anti caking agent and broken sheet mill and general best.

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