future powder coating tendency

2016/11/15 10:20:01

We have introduced a lot about the advantages of powder coating. Powder coating are being developed into the world's major markets, with the most rapid development in the Asia Pacific region. Rapid economic development in the Asia Pacific region, and the amount of investment in the industrial sector, construction, automotive, furniture, household electrical appliances industry, the demand for powder coating is increasing. In the next five years, the development speed of powder coating market is closely followed by Western europe.

The development of powder coating market is closely related to the research activities in this field. Manufacturers, associations, OEM manufacturers for the production of modern and new technology to invest a lot of money, products and strive to meet the ecological standards. China, Japan, Thailand, the United States, Germany, India, Brazil and Russia has good prospects for the development of the market.

Some experts predict that the future of China's powder coating market will gradually form the four major market areas:

One, the most important application areas: heat sensitive materials

At present, the coating powder coating has been successfully applied in the thermal sensitive material, and truly realize the industrialized production, powder coating as a promising new varieties of paint will occupy the market further liquid coating. UV curing powder coating and low temperature curing powder coating manufacturing process improvement, make the powder coating used in thermal material become possible.

Two, the most rapid growth areas of powder coating: Shipbuilding powder coating and other industrial coating

At present, our country already has a considerable proportion of the application of powder coating for marine pipeline, the development momentum is very fierce, with the continuous improvement of powder coating technology has a very broad prospects for its development. Powder coating is a new type of coating which is completely free from powder coating and is sprayed with powder.

Three, the maximum demand for powder coating: Automotive powder coating

The car has epoxy hybrid powder coating, polyester, polyurethane type, powder coating applied to automobile parts began at the end of 1990 auto parts powder coating for success, with the improvement of technology and improve the properties of powder coating, has been fully able to meet the requirements of the car, such as decorative appearance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance etc..

At present, domestic powder coating are used in automobile industry, which are used in automobile, chassis, wheel, control rod, reflector, wiper and trumpet. Due to technical limitations, the current automotive powder coating such as paint only monochrome series and varnishes, global coating net that this is due to powder coating is not like liquid paint that can quickly change the color, along with the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and powder coating technology to improve the application of powder coating market will become more and more broad.

Four, powder coating in the future market outlook: Construction and outdoor facilities

In recent years, the growth index of pure polyester powder coating has fully demonstrated the development potential of the market. However, with the widespread use of outdoor powder coating, powder coating on consumer product complaints cases, mainly concentrated in the weathering resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance and other issues, the need to pay close attention to the domestic manufacturers of powder coating.

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