furniture powder coating

2016/11/17 8:40:41

With people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, to paint, people demand more and more is also high.

Powder coating has become a hot product in the market, the VOC content of powder coating is low, easy to clear, usually easier than the liquid coating construction, the formation of the film durability is good. Powder coating as a substitute for liquid coating market trends. What about the use of powder coating in our country's furniture?

First of all, China's annual per capita consumption of furniture is low. According to statistics, China's annual per capita furniture consumption level of about $12, compared with the United States and Europe, less than 5%. In particular, the two or three line market, the vast rural market share of furniture is lower, which also brings great opportunities for the development of the furniture industry, but also makes the prospect of a huge paint industry.

Secondly, due to the global environmental protection coating of the increasingly high demand, has become a hot market of powder coating paint products, the content of VOC powder coating is low, easy to clean, usually easy construction than liquid coating, coating formed good durability. Powder coating as a substitute for liquid coating market trends.

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