2016/11/30 8:45:55

epoxy powder coating

1) the melt viscosity of the powder coating is low, the film has good leveling property; the curing reaction is not produced by the side product, the appearance of the film is good, and it is not easy to produce the defects such as the film hole and the crater.

(2) due to the hydroxyl group in the epoxy resin, the adhesion of metal and other substrates is good, generally do not need a primer.

(3) the film has high hardness and good scratch resistance.

(4) in the epoxy resin structure has the bisphenol A skeleton, has the flexibility good ether chain, the coating film physical and mechanical performance is good.

(5) the color matching of powder coating is good, and the selection range of curing agent is wide.

(6) the coating adaptability of powder coating is good, and can be used in the construction of electrostatic powder spraying, fluidized bed coating, flame spraying and air spraying.

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