environmental protection powder coating

2016/11/22 10:22:41

Now the environmental protection for us how important it is to believe, needless to say, everyone is clear.

The impact of these years of haze on us is very large, so the environmental protection for us is very important. Paint as the life of people in essential products, the raw materials are the basic chemical products, VOC emissions which accounted for VOC of total emissions of 1/5, thus, the paint industry has become one of the arch-criminal causing haze, so paint has certainly become major pollution Home Furnishing decoration "".

More and more consumers are no longer limited to the pursuit of comfort and fashion, but more began to consider the environmental protection of paint.. With the improvement of people's living standard national attention on environmental protection, the industry transition to a low carbon and environmental protection has become a lot of paint industry also began to represent the general trend, understand, paint enterprises must go beyond environmental protection and low carbon production only this threshold, consumers put the heart of the product, in order to win the favor of consumers in the fierce in the competition.

Powder coating containing toxic, solvent free and does not contain volatile toxic substances, so no poison, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other pollution problems, fully meet the national requirements of environmental law.

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