2017/12/6 14:08:19

customer visit from Bangladesh

Recently, Assadus, a Bangladeshi customer, came to Hsinda to exchange and cooperate on behalf of the largest container and billboard company in Bangladesh. Hsinda Wang Wenqi, general manager of the staff led the enthusiastic reception Assadus. Although Assadus is a Muslim, it often makes sourcing operations in China and offers a lot of tolerance for cultural differences. It is polite and approachable.

Assadus's cooperation with Hsinda goes back to six months ago when Cinda Foreign Trade Engineer Jessie contacted Assadus and both sides conducted in-depth discussions on their respective product issues. Assadus's previous supplier of powder coating chose Indian suppliers close by and, after a period of cooperation, produced not friendship but higher quality requirements. So Assadus sent samples of their samples for proofing many times and sent them back the proofing products. During this on-going technical exchange, Assadus and his company were very concerned about Hsinda's product quality and staff's professionalism Quality said approval, and generate cooperation intention.

This time, Assadus on behalf of his company made a special trip to Cinda exchange and cooperation, the same day at 0:00 to Shuangliu Airport, the General Manager Wang Wenqi pick up and stay at the hotel, the next morning visit the factory orders, the day hurried rush Back to Bangladesh. Spent so long rush, but only for a few hours meeting, only for the trust and sustenance of Hsinda.
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