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2016/10/19 9:10:22

Powder coating is a kind of powder coating on the surface of the substrate, and it is heated to a fluid state, and then solidified covering the surface of the substrate, forming a protective or decorative coating method. Powder coating have many advantages over the traditional liquid coating, such as better environmental protection performance, a coating can get a thick coating, a variety of styles and so on.

Powder coating in some areas is also more complex, the need to choose the appropriate product and coating process according to different needs. So how to do a good job of powder coating?

1, powder coating steps

1.1 first determine the type of substrate to be painted. Powder coating is divided into thermoplastic and thermoset 2, according to the needs of different base materials to choose suitable powder coating, in order to achieve the best effect of coating.

1.2 remove all threads or lubrication interfaces, and all parts that do not need to be painted before painting. It sounds simple, but a lot of people forget this step. Powder coating will be attached to all the things, including screws, nuts, bearings and other parts do not need to paint.

1.3 thorough cleaning of metal surfaces. The use of blasting or blasting hard alloy, remove dirt, rust. To clean the surface of the oil, coating, and can be polished with a chemical solvent. If required, aluminum, magnesium and other soft metal alloys can be cleaned with a solvent, wire brush.

1.4 powder coating on the surface of the substrate. By using a spray gun or a compressed air sprayer, the charged powder coating is adsorbed on the surface of the ground, and the price of the spray gun is according to the supplier. In the experiment, the powder can be sprayed directly on the surface of the metal plate.

1.5 select the appropriate temperature curing powder coating attached to the base material. Oven can be used for curing, generally can be used in small size metal substrate, large base material can also be used infrared or other non flame heat source curing method. Normally, the object is heated to 190 to 175 degrees Celsius, about 10 ~ 15min, and then cooling.

2, the difference between thermoplastic powder coating and thermosetting powder coating

2.1 thermoplastic powder coating can be re melting and solidification, and coating curing of thermosetting powder coating after basic cannot re melting and solidification, which is the most obvious difference between them.

As the name of the two causes of thermosetting powder coating can not be cured is irreversible chemical reactions, by contrast, thermoplastic powder coating have no chemical reaction occurred during the curing process.

2.2 which paint to choose depends on the characteristics of the coating. Thermoplastic and thermosetting powder coating with different chemical properties for different base materials.

Thermosetting powder coating: can enhance the integrity of the base material, is applicable to the serious wear of the base material, and can provide resistance to chemicals and heat resistance.

Thermoplastic powder coating: can provide strength and flexibility, commonly used in plastics and mechanical parts.

2.3 on the advantages and disadvantages of thermosetting powder coating. General thermosetting powder coating for heat resistant substrates.

Advantages: beautiful coating; low cost; good stability and heat resistance.

Disadvantages: irreversible curing process means that the coating can not be recovered, it is difficult to two melt curing.

About 2.4 of thermoplastic powder coating and the advantages and disadvantages of. Thermoplastic powder coating are generally used for similar substrates park bench this plasticity and durability, but also is widely applied in the metal pipe outer surface.

Advantages: high lubricity; able to increase the impact of melting and solidification;

Disadvantages: generally high cost; heating may melt.

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