Pure polyester powder coating

2016/9/29 9:56:46

Pure polyester powder coating special for building special pure polyester powder coating

powder coating made of carboxyl polyester resin is introduced in this paper. Mainly used 

for the production of aluminum or galvanized steel plate balcony, doors and windows and 

other products and the coating of the highway barrier. Depending on the color of the 

product, we provide the quality assurance period of 10-15 years.

The physical properties of powder:

- proportion: 1.4-1.7 (due to color and luster varies) particle size distribution: 

100% small stem (100 microns can be adjusted according to the special requirements of 


- Liquidity: 120-140

- curing conditions: 200 DEG C (workpiece temperature), 10 minutes

- average coverage: 8-11 m2 / kg, the thickness of 70 microns (in powder coating 100% utilization rate calculation)

- packing: carton packaging, lined with two layers of 

polyethylene bags, net weight 20 kg per carton.

- storage requirements: stored below 35 DEG 

C, ventilated, dry and clean the room, not near the fire, avoid direct sunlight, heating, 

no open dumps. Under the above conditions, the powder can be stored stably for 12 months. 

Over the storage period can be re inspection, if the results meet the requirements, can 

still be used.

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