2017/12/7 10:37:30

Hsinda powder coating factory fire safety study

As a powder coating enterprise, we should pay more attention to safe production and nip it in the bud when we need economic benefits to the market, so as to realize the benefits and security "win-win". Recently, the staff of Hsinda macromolecule macromolecule, led by the safety supervisor, participated in the fire safety study.

Learning the first item, the security supervisor told everyone about the fire safety system. Including fire safety education, training; Fire inspection and inspection; Management of safe evacuation facilities; Fire control (control room) watch; Fire control facilities, equipment maintenance management; Rectification of fire hazards; Safety management of fire and electricity; Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and places fire - proof and explosion - proof content. All the people have a serious attitude to study, actively ask questions and listen seriously.

To learn the second item, the safety supervisor will guide you to explain the fire plan in the factory. First, the fire protection facilities, fire extinguishing equipment and fire safety signs of the factory are explained to ensure its sound and effective. Ensure the free passage and safe exit. Evacuation passageway or on the evacuation passageway and safety exit set obstacles affecting evacuation, shall not be closed during business, production, work safety exports, shall keep out safe evacuation instructions. It is forbidden to use open fire in places where fire or explosion is dangerous.

To learn the third item, the safety supervisor will simulate the first aid measures after the fire. Every employee is actively involved in learning in practice.

Hsinda Powder Coating, seriously to understand profoundly the importance of safety in production, establish and improve the safe production management system, strengthen production safety training and examination, every three months will be targeted to all employees on a comprehensive "tertiary education" training.

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